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Exploring new technical potentials in die-casting, making such potential into concrete form with unparalleled die-casting technologies.

We remain unchanged in our quest to take on the challenge and the theme.
Technological innovations are progressing in great speed. New products and services emerge in rapid succession.
In order to grasp the times firmly in the midst of rapid changes, it is necessary to always look one step ahead. At Tsukuba Die-casting Co., Group, all employees are in charge of future technology development. It is necessary to always look beyond the current situation, saying "more," "more," and "still more.".
What is necessary for this is that each employee think and act with self-reliance with our motto "Better than before", and "I can and I will". We are in the business where potential can expand, because of the uninterrupted string of challenges that lie ahead of us. I am excited to see people rising to prominence with forward-looking drive and ambition.

President.: Takashi Watanuki