Corporate Profile

Company Name: TSUKUBA DIECASTING Co., Ltd.
Chairperson (COO) : Takashi Watanuki
President: Shigeki Masubuchi
Head Office: IMA Bldg. 4F, 7-22-6 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0023, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3917-4451 (main switchboard)
Fax: +81-3-3917-4453
Sales Division:
(in Saitama Factory)
3540 Shimonanbata, Fujimi-shi, Saitama-ken 354-0004, Japan
・Bus from North Entrance of Shiki Station (Shimonanbata Bus Stop, 15min.)
Taxi from East Entrance of Mizuhodai Station (10min.)
Telephone: +81-49-251-6711 (main switchboard)
Fax: +81-49-251-6714
All inquiries are welcome.
In Japan factories: Saitama Factory, Miyagi Factory, Tono Factory
Affiliated companies: TSUKUBA Co., Ltd.
Tsukuba Diecasting Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Overseas factories: Hanoi, Hung Yen and Pho Noi, Vietnam
Established: November 1951
Capital: JPY 39.39 million
No. of Employees: 300 in Japan,  1,230 in overseas (710 in Hanoi Factory / 400 in Hung Yen Factory / 120 in Pho Noi Factory)
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Business Operations:
  1. (1) Manufacture, sales, die-casting, processing, surface treatment, painting, sub-assembly, etc. of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloy die-cast products
  2. (2) Design, manufacture, and sales of die-cast dies

Corporate History

Nov.1951: Company established (Itabashi, Tokyo)
Jul.1959: Saitama Factory established (Niiza City)
Oct.1970: Saitama Factory relocated (Fujimi City)
May.1973: Tono Factory opened (Tono City)
Apr.1990: TSUKUBA Co., Ltd. opened
Apr.1997: Hanoi Factory of TSUKUBA DIECASTING VIETNAM Co., Ltd. opened
Oct.1998: Miyagi Factory opened (Kurihara City)
Dec.1999: Painting Plant established in Miyagi Factory
Nov.2000: Casting Plant No.2 established in Miyagi Factory
Dec.2009: Hung Yen Factory of TSUKUBA DIECASTING VIETNAM Co., Ltd. opened
Oct.2013: Hanoi Factory of Tsukuba DiecastingVietnam Co.,Ltd. Extended
Oct.2014: Casting of the Year Prize given by Japan Foundry Engineering Society
Oct.2016: 65th Anniversary Celebration
Apr.2017: Tsukuba DiecastingVietnam 20th Anniversary Celebration
July.2018: Miyagi Factory IATF16949(2016Edition) certified
Aug.2018: Tono Factory IATF16949(2016Edition) certified
Oct.2018: Miyagi Factory Large-scale Die-casting Factory opened 1250t Machine operation started
Jul.2019: The fourth plant of Tsukuba Tsukuba Corporation opened.
Sep.2019: Introduced Exective Officer System
May.2020: Completion of the Pho Noi Factory of Tsukuba Die Casting Vietnam (TDV)
Dec.2020: Saitama Factory IATF16949 (2016 Edition) certified
Mar.2021: Established total network ( High speed)
Mar.2021: Plant No.3 established in Tono Factory
Feb.2022: Hanoi Factory of TSUKUBA DIECASTING VIETNAM Co., Ltd. IATF16949 (2016 Edition) certified
Oct.2022: Hun Yen Factory of TSUKUBA DIECASTING VIETNAM Co., Ltd. IATF16949 (2016 Edition) certified
Jan.2024: Pho Noi Factory of TSUKUBA DIECASTING VIETNAM Co., Ltd. IATF16949 (2016 Edition) certified
May.2024: The Award of Excellence, Environmental Responsibility Award given by the International Magnesium Association (IMA) at the 81st IMA World Magnesium Conference.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Philosophy We contribute to improve the global environment in recognizing that the conservation of the global environment is one of the key issues of 21st century.
Environmental Policy
  1. 1. We produce products in consideration of the environment, through our die-cast production.
  2. 2. We are involved in the reduction of waste products, conservation of resources, reduction and total abolition of toxic materials and we strive for preventing pollution, preserving the environment, and the continuous improvement of the system in our business activities.We proceed to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) .
  3. 3. We comply with environmental regulations and local government by-laws, and other environment related requirements as supported by our company.
  4. 4. We set environmental objectives and goals, and regularly review our activity framework.
  5. 5. We document, carry out, and maintain environmental policies, and keep the entire workforce informed.
  6. 6. We publicly disclose our environmental policies.
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