The society in which we live is becoming more convenient and more eco-friendly affected by the advance of Technology.
Robots that were only for industrial use are now equipped with AI or used for a nursing care.
On the street, we are facing an era of change once every 100 years in the automotive system, which is eco-friendly with automatic driving capability.
To avail ourselves of the big changes in society, we, Tsukuba Die Casting Co., Ltd. also expand the width of the product not only for IT/electrical, but also for robots and for automotive parts, and strive to further develop and improve the technology and the quality that can correspond to these wide range of products and parts.
Based on the slogan "Tsukuba Next", we take advantage of the strengths of the production network, four domestic locations in Japan(SAITAMA FACTORY,  TONO FACTORY,  MIYAGI FACTORY,  TSUKUBA Co., Ltd.) and three in Viet Nam, and carry out the integrated production of aluminum and magnesium die-cast products from casting and machining to painting.
With the trust and achievement that we have built up over the long almost 70 years since our foundation in 1951, we have been thoroughly mindful of "customer first" and will do our best and sincerely strive to satisfy everyone with our technological capabilities besides quality, cost and delivery.

Chairperson(CEO):  Kenji Masubuchi President(COO):  Takashi Watanuki

Quality Policy
We provide cutting-edge and high-quality products
that satisfy our customers.
The goal of our manufacturing processes is
to satisfy our customers.
Pursuit of technological power
and customer satisfaction
To cater to customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction,
Tsukuba engages in new technology development,
including integrated production from die-casting to painting
both in Japan and overseas (Vietnam).
As a member of society at home and abroad, we comply with laws,
regulations, social norms, and internal rules, and conduct business activities sincerely.
Based on the compliance policy, we will only procure materials unrelated to
conflict minerals linked to the source of funding,
such as human rights violations (illegal child labor),
poor labor conditions, environmental destruction, corruption,
etc., which have led to conflict areas, anti-social forces, and armed forces.
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